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The Sandqvist Journal


New series:


We explored our concrete backyard with friends Alex & Tina, showcasing our latest series Lucid.

Aron McFaul

Friends of Sandqvist:

Aron McFaul

Meet our friend and house DJ Aron, who is about to release his first full length album.

Sandqvist adventure:


Follow us on our ski hike to Flatruet, a mythical mountain plateau in Härjedalen, Sweden.

Friends of Sandqvist:

Linn Öberg

We visited the talented artist Linn Öberg in her Stockholm apartment.


Collaborating with:


We sat down with the legendary Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad to develop stylish and functional camera bags.

Volvo in Valmen

Sandqvist adventure:

Valmen pt 2

Testing our new Volvo x Sandqvist bags, we set out to paddle the unexplored river Valmen and enjoy the beauty of being completely alone in the wild.


Sandqvist getaway:


Join us for a trip to the stunningly beautiful place of Furillen, Gotland.

Behind the Scenes

Meet our designer Kajsa:

Behind the scenes

Get a glimpse of the work behind the scenes at the Sandqvist design studio in Stockholm.

Welcome to the:

The Swedish folkparks

We spent a day at one out of many Swedish "folkparks".


Meet our friends:


We spent a night with the organization.


Sandqvist adventure to:

Unexplored Waters

A few days in Härjedalen.

Alex and Tina

Alex and Tina

We joined our new friends of Sandqvist, Alex and Tina, for a night out in central Stockholm. Read the story about the upcoming DJ duo.

Weekend essentials

See our

Weekend Essentials

Get ready for that long summer weekends!

Seinabo Sey

Meet our friend:

Seinabo Sey

We sat down with the rising star Seinabo Sey to talk idols and inspiration.

A small village called:


Join us for a trip down memory lane to the place were Sandqvist was born.

Sandqvist adventure:


Follow the founders Anton, Daniel and Sebastian to Norway for a fishing trip with spectacular views.

Sandqvist adventure:

Voxnan river

In Late August, some of us at the office decided to prolong the summer with a two day canoe and fishing trip down the Voxnan River. Join us for some inspiration to your next mini adventure.

Noonie Bao

Meet our friend:

Noonie Bao

"I had no idea what a publishing deal meant when I signed one at age 18. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to write songs."

London Store Opening

Celebrating our new:


See how our London Store Opening party went down. Thanks to everyone who came by!